Please read our Terms and Conditions listed below. By agreeing to these conditions you acknowledge full understanding of the Terms and Conditions, including the SPC Racing (SPC) warranty. After agreeing you will then be able to proceed with your purchase.  If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please do not attempt to order a product from SPC.


When using a credit card for order payment on this website, the customer acknowledges he or she is the card holder and is fully authorized to use said credit card for payment.  If the customer is not the card holder, please do not use the credit card for payment.  Also, when using a credit card for payment, the billing address and name on that card must match the shipping address and name submitted.  If the addresses and names do not match delays will occur until the customer information is verified. We accept PayPal as a payment alternative.  Orders indentified as potentially fraudulent will be cancelled.  

All product specifications are listed to the best of our knowledge, however actual build parameters can vary slightly. Such variations are beyond our control and as such SPC is not obligated to any customer for compensation or liability of any type regarding these variations.

Prices shown for products on this website can and do change without notice.  SPC has no obligation to honor any website sale prices after a sale ends, or honor any website sale prices before a sale begins. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the customer alone has determined which product best meets the needs and requirements for the customer's intended use of that product.  The customer is responsible for verifying battery pack fitment and that the battery pack will meet the requirements of the customer's intended use.  The customer is also responsible for verifying and selecting the proper connector type that is compatible with customer's equipment.

We reserve the right to require the billing address be the same as the ship-to address. When using a credit card for payment, the billing address and name on that credit card must match the shipping address and name submitted. If the names and addresses do not match, delays may occur until the customer information is verified. Orders identified as potentially fraudulent will be cancelled.

Shipping costs quoted by this website and SPC do NOT include any duties and/or taxes that may be imposed by local, state, provincial or any other government body.  The customer is fully responsible for any and all duties and taxes as required at their location.  The customer acknowledges and agrees the shipping courier is fully responsible for timely and accurate shipment obligations and that SPC's responsibility regarding order (package) delivery ends once the shipping courier takes possession of the package.  Couriers' responsibilities include but are not limited to: shipping time frames, lost packages, stolen packages, damaged packages and packages delivered to wrong addresses.  In the event there is a shipment issue as noted, SPC will do everything reasonably possible, including working with the courier, to resolve the shipping issue.  SPC is not responsible for shipping issues noted including any and all associated financial costs.     


Pack swelling or puffing is NOT covered under this warranty.  Each and every SPC LiPo battery pack is tested just prior to shipping with the use of an ESR meter. This testing verifies proper voltage and internal resistance for the individual cells and is SPC’s guarantee the pack(s) was free of any obvious manufactured defects at the time of shipment. Packs that do not pass this quality control test do not ship, therefore the customer will never receive a battery pack from SPC that is dead on arrival.

SPC will not warranty a battery pack physically damaged as a result of abuse and/or impact of ANY kind.  Again, pack swelling or puffing is NOT covered under this warranty. SPC strongly recommends a Low Voltage CutOff (LVC) setting of 3.5 volts per cell.  An LVC setting lower than 3.5 volts per cell voids the SPC Warranty.  SPC LiPo packs come with a warranty against manufactured defects for 30 days from the purchase date. To be considered for warranty the customer must contact SPC and present a full explanation of the pack problem(s). This may also require the pack be returned to SPC for inspection. Any pack returned to SPC will be done so at the customer's expense. Proof of the original sales receipt is required for any type of warranty consideration. If SPC’s analysis of the pack shows manufactured defects were directly responsible for the problem and the pack meets the 30 day time frame, the pack will be repaired if possible and if not possible the pack will be replaced with a new one of similar or better specifications. If however the pack shows any signs of physical damage by the end user and/or SPC’s analysis/testing determines the pack was damaged by the user, no warranty will be considered. Also, no warranty will be considered for any pack that has been operated at excessive discharge Amp loads (over-Amping). This warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferrable to any future pack owners.

SPC is not responsible for battery pack damage, problems and/or failure resulting from improper charging, improper balancing of the pack, improper discharging, misuse or abuse of any kind, negligence, commercial use or any improper use; including not following the instructions. Also, SPC is not responsible or liable in any way for personal injury and/or damage involving the use of a battery pack. Never attempt to disassemble a LiPo pack; this is not only very dangerous, but voids all aspects of this SPC warranty.



No product refunds will be provided or offered for a SPC product that has been used in any way and this includes all SPC LiPo battery packs.  To be considered for return a product must be new, unused and cosmetically the same as it was when shipped from SPC.  Prior to returning any new unused product, the customer must contact SPC to obtain a return authorization for the applicable product.  If a new, unused product is returned without prior authorization, no refund will be provided nor will the product be returned to the customer.  Any customer request for product return and/or exchange must be made within two weeks (14 days) from the original SPC sales invoice date.  Once approved by SPC for return, this same product must then be received by SPC within two weeks (14 days) of the customer request just noted.  If either of the two time frames are not met, no refund will be provided.  If a customer wishes to return the product directly without involving an exchange, a restocking fee valued at 20% of the product purchase price, will be assessed to all returns of new unused products as described above.  All shipping costs involved are non-refundable.  If a used product is returned, no refund will be provided nor will the product be returned to the customer.