DO NOT ever allow a SPC LiPo battery pack to charge while unattended.  Use a RC-type charger made specifically to charge LiPo batteries.  This charger must utilize the Constant-Amp / Constant-Voltage (CA/CV) type charge regime.  Set the charger to LiPo mode, including the correct number of cells in the pack.  A 2S pack has 2 cells; a 3S has 3 cells, etc.  The standard charge rate is 1C: this means a 2.5-Amp charge rate for a 2,500mAh pack, a 5.0-Amp charge rate for a 5,000 mAh pack, a 8.2-Amp charge rate for a 8,200 mAh pack, etc.  If a high-quality charger is used and the SPC LiPo pack is in good operating condition as determined by the end-user, the pack can be charged at any rate up to 2C.  Do not use charge rates greater than 2C. Charge the pack in a LiPo sack or similar safety device at all times.  This LiPo battery was shipped at the recommended storage level State-Of-Charge.  Do not run the pack until it is properly charged to full capacity.


Cell balancing is a way of ensuring the LiPo pack is safely monitored during the charge process and will help to ensure the LiPo pack safely charges. Therefore balancing is absolutely necessary and required each and every time you charge the battery pack!  The balancing connector (white) is JST type.  If using a stand-alone type balancer, always balance the pack during the entire charge cycle.  Except for attaining proper storage levels, this LiPo battery pack should not be discharged after normal use.  Do not continue to use the pack if an abnormality is detected. Do not operate the pack in water, do not get the pack wet! If a pack gets wet it can potentially malfunction, so do not use a wet pack.  If the battery pack is damaged and/or the case begins to expand or swell, discontinue use immediately and properly dispose of the battery pack.


SPC considers storage to be any time longer than 2 days.  When stored this LiPo battery pack should be charged to approximately 50% to 60% of the  stated label capacity, then placed in a LiPo sack or similar fire resistant device and stored in a cool dry area.  Try to use or cycle the LiPo battery pack at least once every 5 to 6 weeks during long term storage periods.


A LiPo battery pack is VERY sensitive to being over-discharged.  SPC STRONGLY RECOMMENDS A LOW VOLTAGE CUTOFF (LVC) SETTING OF 3.5 VOLTS PER CELL!  An LVC setting less than 3.5 volts per cell voids the SPC warranty.  Never run the pack down until your RC car is barely moving.  Stop driving if you notice the vehicle slowing and/or the motor losing power.  Discharging the pack too low will damage it and this damage is not covered by the warranty.  After normal use remove the battery from the car and allow it to cool to room temperature before recharging.  Stop using the battery pack immediately if it reaches an operating temperature of 130°F and never allow the pack temperature to reach or exceed 140°F, or pack failure WILL occur.  Do NOT expose the battery pack to direct sunlight or excessive ambient temperatures such as those experienced inside an enclosed full size car during the summer months.  Always disconnect the battery pack from the RC vehicle when done operating the vehicle.